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  Partial arch removable case
Do you presently have a partial denture with unsightly exposed metal clasps?

Do you have some of your own natural teeth which are healthy and which you wish to keep but you still have the problem of multiple missing tooth spaces?

Is there a problem with the amount of bone or affordability for multiple implants and a fixed implant–supported bridgework option?

We have good news; an implant-supported chrome partial denture may be the solution for you! By placing an implant in a strategic position e.g. a gap in the aesthetic zone (at the front of the smile) after a suitable healing period (usually 8-12 weeks) a precision attachment can be placed onto the implant and a cap attachment inside the partial denture.

These will ‘press-fit’ together when the denture is placed and help secure the denture in position. This allows us to get rid of those unsightly anterior metal clasps, though less visible metal clasps are still usually required on posterior teeth to help retain the denture.

Depending on the design of the denture usually only one or two implants need to be placed, healing cylinders will be attached to the implant(s) and protrude into the mouth just above the gum. Your present partial denture will be modified so that you may wear this during the healing period.

The benefit of this treatment is a more stable cosmetic partial denture, which can still be easily removed for cleaning. It is a less expensive option for multiple missing teeth than fixed implant-supported bridgework and in those patients lacking sufficient bone volume in the posterior parts of their mouth it makes bone grafting unnecessary.

An implant-supported removable partial denture requires a minimum of three or four remaining natural teeth in favourable positions. It is not a suitable treatment option for the upper jaw against a full lower denture in the lower jaw as there are better treatment choices.

For missing anterior teeth, a precision attached implant-supported partial denture provides the necessary support when biting for instance into an apple.

Please discuss with your dentist whether implants may improve the fit and appearance of your partial denture. The quality of life of many of our patients has been improved by providing a well designed stable and cosmetic partial chrome reinforced denture secured by both teeth and implants.

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