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  Multiple tooth case
Are you missing two or more teeth next to each other?

Will you be left with a large gap following tooth loss and you don’t want to wear a removable partial denture?

Then an implant-supported bridge may be the answer for you. It resembles a tooth supported bridge only the bridge is supported by implants. You don’t need an implant for each missing tooth! A minimum of two implants are required to support a bridge which is essentially a number of fabricated porcelain teeth joined as one piece to span the gap. The bridgework is ‘rigidly fixed’ in the mouth on the implants and unlike problematic dentures there is absolutely no discomfort or movement of the bridge when eating or talking.

Adjacent natural teeth do not have to be involved for support as with dentures and in most cases an extremely natural appearance is achieved. Most people describe the implant bridge as being a “part of themselves” with a return of self confidence, aesthetics and function - especially when dining out socially.

Unlike a denture, implant-supported bridgework cannot be removed from the mouth for cleaning. There are considerations and circumstances where a partial denture may be a better treatment option. It is always your own general dentist who knows what is best for you.

Two or more implants are placed depending on the length of the gap. Healing abutments are attached to the implants to help shape the gum for the new bridge. Usually a partial denture (if you have one) can be re-inserted straight after surgery (with some modification). If the gap is not in the front we prefer you leave you partial denture out during healing. For select cases a temporary plastic bridge may be fixed to the implants on the same day the implants are placed.

A soft diet and special attention to cleaning the site is recommended for 6-8 weeks to encourage healing. It will take between 8-16 weeks for the implants to heal (‘osseointegrate’) depending on each individual case. If bone or soft tissue grafting is required, the healing time is longer before the final bridge can be placed. In most cases the final ceramic bridge can be placed on the implants after 3 or 4 months.

If at the time of implant placement there is a less than an optimal situation, perhaps an unexpected or expected bone defect requiring repair or poor quality bone resulting in lack of initial stability of an implant, then the implants are still usually placed but are ‘buried’ under the gum with protective cover screws on top and left undisturbed to osseointegrate.

Consequently, an implant-supported plastic temporary bridge or healing abutments cannot be placed at this time. They can be placed following a suitable healing period. In the meantime a partial denture can be worn if necessary. A very simple ‘second stage’ procedure is required to place the healing abutments or temporary bridge at a later date and this is usually carried out with local anaesthetic only.

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