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What implant system does Dr Herbert use?

There are hundreds of dental implant systems in the World. Dr Herbert predominantly places the locally popular, scientifically tested and researched Nobel Biocare, Straumann & Ankylos implants. If you are referred by a general dentist who prefers to complete the treatment and place the prosthetic teeth on the implants himself then Dr Herbert will place the implant your dentist prefers.

My dentist has requested that Dr Herbert place the implants only and he will place the teeth on top himself. Why can't Dr Herbert do the whole thing?

Dr Herbert has a moral obligation to the referring dentist to do as much or as little as asked. Any dentist adequately trained can carry out the prosthetics on implants. Some dentists request that Dr Herbert carry out the entire treatment in which case the patient is returned completed. Some patients do not come referred in which case Dr Herbert recommends they see a general dentist who can then be involved in their treatment.

Does Dr Herbert do other necessary dental treatment if required?

No. Dr Herbert only does surgical treatments including extractions and implant placements. In addition he does the prosthetics on implants when required. While he may check your teeth to determine if your treatment plan is appropriate; he does not restore teeth. Either he will refer you back to the dentist that sent you or if you don’t have a dentist he will recommend a general dentist for your other treatment needs.

Is having teeth out or implants put in painful?

With the modern methods available today it is completely unnecessary for you to experience any pain whatsoever! Dr Herbert has a post-graduate qualification in sedation and pain control and will make available to you a choice of techniques to make your operative visit as pleasant as possible.

Can I find out the cost of my treatment on the phone?

It is extremely difficult to provide treatment estimates on the phone and it often leads to disappointment if they increase following treatment planning. Conversely; sometimes treatment is less expensive than discussed on the phone and a patient may choose not to make an appointment based on the information given. Our front-desk staff do have some ‘ball-park’ figures which may help you decide whether or not to make an appointment and will advise you the cost of your initial consultation, but in general we prefer you wait until Dr Herbert advises you of your actual costs following completion of treatment planning.

It is inconvenient for me to attend (e.g. need for travel or work commitments) & I have pain, can I have my treatment carried out at my first appointment?

No. For medico-legal reasons (informed consent) a consultation appointment should always precede a treatment appointment. Medical History, assessment for sedative techniques, X-rays, treatment decisions and costs are all determined and agreed on at this appointment. Because Dr Herbert has separate consulting and operating times, two separate visits will be required however every effort will be made to ensure a second operative appointment as soon as possible. Please use your general dentist or GP medical practitioner to control any pain prior to your first visit.

How do I pay for my treatment and how much am I going to get back from my health fund?

Generally, we expect payment on the day for treatment carried out on the day. You will be advised of what the claiming item numbers are (not all item no’s are claimable) and what payments are due and when following your initial consultation appointment and completion of treatment planning. For many health funds you can claim ‘on-the-spot’ at our reception and need only pay the balance owed. If you are treated in hospital then that payment can be made at your post-operative visit (to check healing) approximately a week or two later.

Dr Herbert provided me with an implant-supported restoration; does he recall me periodically to ensure that its OK?

No.  Your own dentist becomes responsible for your future care and regular check-ups and oral hygiene treatments are essential to both your oral health and the long-term survival of your implant-supported prosthesis. Should your dentist choose to refer you back to Dr Herbert for maintenance, servicing or repair then naturally a fee will apply.

Does Dr Herbert provide a Warranty on the implant work he carries out?

No. Unfortunately, many factors influence the success of an implant-supported restoration; including levels of use (and abuse!), medical factors, oral health changes and other individual accidents and variations that can occur from person to person. Whilst expressed warranty is impossible you can be reassured that in general terms implant-supported restorations are highly successful.

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