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It is important that you feel safe and comfortable for any surgical procedure. For many of our patients especially those requiring longer treatment times we often recommend treatment be carried out under general anaesthetic in hospital. For some of our patients hospital care is their personal preference even though they also have the option of treatment in our rooms. This choice requires admission to a modern day surgery facility. The idea of day surgery is for your time in hospital to be quicker with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Treatment is carried out while you are ‘asleep’ and then once you are sufficiently recovered you get to go home on the same day (no over-night stay). Only experienced specialist anaesthetists are used to ensure your safety and rapid recovery and a consultation appointment will be required with the anaesthetist before you are admitted to hospital. At your consultation appointment with us, we will provide you with a ‘hospital pack’ which includes the admission/consent forms and other necessary paperwork. Our front desk receptionists are only too happy to help you to fill out these details.

It is a policy of the hospitals we use that patients that do not have private health insurance will need to pay in advance of the admission date to confirm their booking. For those with private health insurance (hospital cover) the costs are sent directly to your health fund, though sometimes a ‘gap’ is payable on admission. It will be necessary to ‘fast’ which means nothing to eat or drink (including water) prior to the procedure and our anaesthetists will advise you when to fast from and what medications you should or should not take. When you are ready to go home from hospital, it will be necessary for you to go home with a responsible adult. You cannot drive or be left at home alone for 24 hrs after the anaesthetic. This means someone has to be with you over-night! Please leave all valuables at home and remember that mobile phones are not permitted for use in hospital. We will be seeing you again after your hospital visit (usually 7-10 days) to check your healing and well-being. If you think hospital is the choice you would prefer for your surgical treatment please let us know at your consultation appointment so that we may attend to your needs and make suitable arrangements on your behalf.

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