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  Your first visit
Most of Dr Herbertís patients are referred to our practice by their general dentist with an accompanying letter and appropriate X-rays. Whenever possible, this is what we prefer, as it is your general dentist who is ultimately responsible for your continued oral health care.

However; you may also attend without referral if this is more convenient for you. Either way Dr Herbert would prefer to liaise with your general dentist to ensure your treatment meets with your own dentist’s expectations and approval. Together, they can also form long-term treatment objectives for maintaining your oral health. It is important you have a general dentist.

If you are being referred for implant treatment, Dr Herbert may carry out the surgical implant placement only with the implant of your dentistís choice. Your own dentist is then responsible for the placement of the final implant-supported prosthetic component (crown (s), bridge (s) or denture (s)) and any temporary restorations (crown (s), bridge(s) denture(s)) required during the healing period. For convenience and depending on the complexity of the case Dr Herbert may be requested to carry out both the surgical and prosthetic phases of treatment in which case you will be returned to your dentist with a completed implant restoration.

At your first visit Dr Herbert will assess your needs as well as the requirements of your dentist (if referred) as well as your health and suitability for the requested treatment. If necessary, alternative treatment options will be considered and an estimate of cost will be given.

A decision will be made as to whether your operative treatment should be carried out in our rooms using local anaesthetic and for your comfort we may also suggest some sedation. Alternatively your procedure may be best completed under general anaesthetic in a local private hospital as an outpatient (go home on the same day).

For implant cases; your first visit consists of a Ďdiagnostic work-upí which usually involves X-rays, study models and photographs etc. for more complex cases a second visit is often necessary to finalise treatment decisions, costs and suitable appointment times.

The cost of the first visit is variable depending on what you are attending for. Please speak to our reception to obtain an estimate of your first visit as this will need to be settled at this appointment.

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